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84 percent are kicking the tires?

Toward the end of 2010 a very timely article found its way to the internet.

In a nutshell it claims that 84% of the employees PLAN to look for new jobs in 2011 compared to ONLY 60% in 2010. It appears to be quite the jump (40 percent for you that jumped on your trusty HP 12C calculator and did the math) but what exactly does it mean to job seekers, recruiters, hiring contacts and HR Professionals?

If you are a job seeker it means that the time has come that the Lifeguard might just about go ahead and blow the whistle to let you know that it is SAFE to go look for a new position. That means being on your game with your resume, job search agents must be set and emailed to you daily and you need to be asking yourself WHY would someone hire me. The ideal candidate is the one that starts on Monday and can DO EVERYTHING that the guy or gal that left on Friday was capable of doing. Is that fair? Perhaps not but it is a reality when companies are looking for an upgrade to make their companies more competitive going forward. As a job seeker you also need to know if you are maximizing your efforts to find a job. Is your LinkedIn profile up to snuff? Are you networked with the right people in your niche? Is your resume getting hits on the job boards if you choose that route and are you getting your calls returned by recruiters and HR that you sent your resume? This can be a very daunting task and very frustrating. I suggest taking it one day at a time, one task at a time. Have a plan and work your plan.

If you are a recruiter in this environment you are about to if not already get extremely busy. Are you staying in touch with your key hiring contacts? Are you reaching out and looking for new business? If the numbers are right and we lost over 40% to 70% of our recruiting brethren due to the recession then there is more business to be had. Are you using LinkedIn and other Social media to the fullest? Do you still remember that even if you are using these tools you STILL have to pick up the phone? Are you building your talent pipeline? Easiest way I do that is using the Profile organizer on LinkedIn. Best way to learn it is

Finally Hiring Contacts and HR Professionals. What are you doing to keep your people engaged and happy to be working where they are working so that they fall into the 16% that are NOT looking. Let’s face it- if your company cut the departments down to the bone and has people overworked, underpaid and they have no idea when their next promotion or pay raise will occur then suffice it to say you might have a few people looking. Who know YOU might even be one of them. if you have people start leaving do you have a hiring plan to attract better people? Are you using a recruiter to help you with these searches? Are you using the right people for these searches?

All I can say is that Lifeguard is sitting up in the chair waiting to blow the whistle to let people know it is safe to go look for that next great career opportunity. Whatever your spot in the process; candidate for that next great opportunity, recruiter, hiring contact or HR- ask yourself this ONE question. ARE YOU READY? Will opportunity pass you by? Will that next great position pass you by because you stopped networking? Stopped improving your skills? Will that next great placement pass you by because you insisted on working with clients that waste your time by not hiring you or taking way too long to pay you the fee that you earned? Will that next great hire for your company pass you by because they found out you do not take care of your current employees? They walked away from the offer because you know they made 110k currently but wanted to TRY offering 100k to see if it would fly. The market for talent and for positions is going to continue to be extremely competitive.

ARE YOU ready?

I know I am.

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